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Being a highly disorganized person in real life, I needed something quick and dirty to
keep me on task during the work day. There was nothing available that fit my criteria so
I ended up writing a small task list script and keept adding to it until this system
appeared. Of course the original point was to have something small and unobtrusive, a
system that would work around my needs rather than forcing to conform to its design, so
all the new features are added with this goal in mind.

Why DayToDayNeeds.com?

For the first year of its life, the script resided on http://www.eboundhost.com, our
company page. However, when I showed the system to several colleagues and friends they
thought the system was great and wanted to use it, so I figured it was time to move it
out on its own. Besides, we bought this name a few years back to open up a ecommerce
website, but it never materialized, so I'm glad we finally have a use for it.


If you have suggestions or comments, let me know:
artur (at) eboundhost (dot) com
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