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How to use ToDo

General principles
Register a new account
Recover a lost password
Updating email and/or password
Buttons and what they mean

General principles

Think of it like this, ToDo is like any paper tasklist, every new task is going to be one line below the previous task. This is why new tasks are always appended to the end of your list. If you are working on something at the moment, you would circle it for emphasis, in our case that's equivalent to hitting the ACTIVATE button. When you are done with the task, you cross it out or erase it, that's the COMPLETED button. If you think something is very important, you will write it above other tasks, if less important, below. This is the (+) and (-) buttons to move tasks higher and lower on the list. To scribble in a comment between two tasks, you use the COMMENT form. In one word, the system is intuitive.

Register a new account

  • click on the [new users register here] link on the login page
  • enter your email address and password, these have to be unique in the system
  • if not successful, it will say invalid user name, please try again. in that case, use a different email addr
  • if successful, the system will say new account created, log in and redirect to login page
  • Recover a lost password

  • click on the [forgot password] link on the login page
  • under Step 1 enter the account email address, hit retrieve
  • an email is sent with a confirmation code, check your mailbox and write it down
  • under Step 2 put in the confirmation code, your existing email address and a new password, hit update
  • if information matches the system will redirect you to the login page
  • if it does not match, the confirmation code is destroyed, you have to repeat Step 1 again
  • Updating email and/or password

  • you must be logged into the system for this step
  • click on the [preferences] link
  • enter the new info new email and new password, both required
  • enter the current info old email and old password, hit update
  • if any information is missing, the system will do nothing
  • if current information matches the system will update and redirect to the login page
  • Buttons and what they mean

    view all active tasks
    view all finished tasks
    make task more important (higher)
    make task less important (lower)
    highlight active task
    set active task back to standard status
    close out completed task
    bring back finished item
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